Task Groups

Task Groups work on specific issues within a work group. The work achieved in task groups is one of the most significant ways NCPDP drives industry change, interoperability and innovation.

Work groups often create task groups to help complete specific projects and make recommendations. NCPDP has more than 80 task groups that meet by conference call. Task group leaders report progress during quarterly work group meetings. Non-members as well as members are welcome to participate, especially relevant subject matter experts.

NCPDP task groups are always seeking volunteers to participate. This is your opportunity to have a voice in the important process of transforming healthcare. Task groups meet via conference calls. The task groups listing below is the latest task groups or areas needing specific expertise. Share this list with your colleagues outside of NCPDP and encourage them to consider joining a task group that will provide value to their organizations. Play a critical role and become a Task Group Leader. Only members may serve as Task Group Leaders.

NCPDP Collaborative Workspace

NCPDP Task Group calls use the NCPDP Collaborative Workspace for calendar invitations and storage of working documents and call notes. This separate workspace is open to any interested party that abides by the NCPDP expected code of conduct and is willing to work together to solve industry problems.

There is a separate registration on the NCPDP Collaborative Workspace which you control.