Standards Data Maintenance

Consensus Group

To meet ANSI requirements for certification of NCPDP standards, a new Voting Consensus Group is formed annually for new data maintenance packets resulting from the Joint Technical Work Group Meetings held in that year. To participate one must enroll each year. The enrollment period occurs in the January-February timeframe. Participation in the Voting Consensus Group is voluntary but must consist of at least 30 participants and represent a reasonable balance of stakeholder interests.

Public Review of Proposed NCPDP Standards Information

No Proposed NCPDP Standards Information

Non-NCPDP Member Comments

$200.00 per comment period will be charged for non-NCPDP members choosing to submit comments. This fee allows the non-member the ability to obtain copies of the NCPDP produced documents for that comment period.

The comment period includes documents for the proposed new or revised NCPDP Standards under consideration.

If you are not an NCPDP member but wish to supply comments to any or all of these proposals, please complete the registration form.

NCPDP Member Comments

If you are an NCPDP member, but not an NCPDP Consensus Group participant and wish to submit a comment, go to your MyNCPDP Member Portal. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Ballots.